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About Us Beverly Jansen

Beverly Jansen has devoted her entire life to horses. She has owned and trained Thoroughbred horses and has been successful with several large purse wins to show for it. Bev is also a Certified Equine Massage Therapist. Beverly became certified so she would understand the muscular structure of a horse better to help them feel better and perform better as well. She has worked with many disciplines but hopes to race horses again one day.

In her life long process of learning about horses, she met many wise horsemen who had tips and tricks that helped care for these magnificent animals. Beverly took this information and used it wisely as she started dabbling with some of the ingredients she used so often, and created Bev’s Equine Magic Salve. Almost every person that has used our Equine Magic Salve has come back to thank us for delivering such a great product, and have told us, “it is magic!”

Beverly always wants to do something to help horses and this product is the beginning of what we plan to be a long line of dependable, natural products. Too many people have told us how they are so tired of buying products that don’t work.  Bev also experienced the same frustration which motivated her to create Bev’s Equine Magic Salve.  Through years of trial and error, she was able to perfect a product that not only shields the wound immediately from insects, germs and bacteria, it also accelerates scab formation which enables the horse’s body to take care of itself faster by healing the wound quickly.  It also reduces pain and inflammation which you will see very quickly after one application. We have recently been told how great it is to stop bleeding too.

When Beverly decided to take this product to the market, she reached out to several people to help her make this product a reality. Since then we have created a line of products that are now also available for purchase. Because Beverly believes in natural products and remedies, she has some more tricks up her sleeve.  And now that she has people that are helping to make Bev’s Equine Products a respectable company, the sky is the limit.  Seeing is believing.  So buy our products and become the next customer that says, “This stuff is magic!”.