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Real Customer Stories Testimonials

Gigi was a surrendered TW mare that came to farm fat but unable to walk with her back legs being damaged from flat weed poison. She had been on weekly round of steroid shots before the owners said they could not care for her any more. 3 vets had said just put her down. She came to Makers Ranch an order to just make the best of her life she had left. No more steroid’s just be a goofy TW mare. 2 months and 18 days later she took her first normal steps all on her own. However, even though she recovered on her own with her leg/hip issues, she had one of the worst cases of ulcers I had ever been witness to. She went from being a happy fat ham to skin and bones right before my eyes. She would try and eat only to get a few bite in, drop to the ground in pain and just lay there grunting and crying. We tried everything, supplements, homeopathic everything, changing feeds, changing hay, 1,000’s of dollars later when I honestly was giving up and now listening to the vet saying put her down, my neighbors who has a mare with mild ulcers said please go see Julia Fisher at Onslow Feed and Grain and talk to her about Bev’s Ulcer Resolve. So why not, I’ve tried everything else at this point. Julia explained how much it had helped her mare and how she now will take the Bev’s like it’s candy because her mare knew it was going to help her. So I bought the smaller bottle and lets see. Well Gigi wasn’t having the fact of a syringe in her mouth and boy was that fun, and I done only the 5cc’s as you are supposed to twice a day. Nothing after the first bottle. Well lets try the 10cc’s the Beverly says on the bottle. Into the second bottle now and Gigi can eat some without dropping in pain but still can only get very little down. So ok, I sent Beverly an inbox massage via Facebook. This lady actually called me! I’ve never had someone so compassionate and finally knew what I was dealing with over this mare. Bev than gave me the option of returning my funds or trying one more time with the Ulcer Resolve. Beverly asked what Gigi was doing, how she was acting and then confirmed with me that Gigi in fact had the worst case of ulcers possible. Beverly’s advice was to bump her dose up to 20 to 25 cc’s. That meant going back to Onslow Feed and Grain, getting another bottle and a new syringe. Good Gravy this mare. But while I was there again talking with Julia, she said she too would give her mare at least the 20cc’s each time before the would travel or do a show. OK< OK< OK, lets try again! Gigi is now getting her weight back, able to eat everything she is given, kick her hooves up, run and play like a goofy TW should. Julia pushing me and Beverly reaching out to me with understanding and faith in her amazing product saved this goofy mares life when nothing else could. Oh and Gigi now stands at the gate each day waiting very impatiently for her Bev’ Ulcer Resolve!

— Cassandra Akers
Makers Ranch & Rescue

I’ve used Bev’s Magic Salve on cracked heels , in a couple of days you could see how well this product works .

— Cindy Velez

Wow, Equine Magic Salve is just that……totally magic! At our farm, we use it for the small cuts and scrapes as well as puncture wounds and deep cuts. Even after the first application, wounds start to dry and heal. Equine Magic Salve covers the wound protecting it from bugs, dirt and germs and simply requires a daily reapplication—I know, simple right! I LOVE it and would recommend that all horse owners have it handy.

— Sissy Elsey
Ambrose Farm, Wadmalaw Island

Hello fellow horse lovers,
I have had horses in my life for over 25 years and have tried 100’s of different products. Experimenting with salves and sprays for wounds, scratches and abrasions can add up and be frustrating if the end result is not what was promised on the label. I am so excited to share my experience with Bev’s Equine Magic Salve! My horse and I moved to SC from PA, the bugs and gnats are an extreme problem. Legend would scratch his face raw, once the hair was gone the bugs continued to irritate his skin. Under his chin, cheeks, and sides of his muzzle as well as his belly button area were raw and I was not having luck with the usual go to horse products. I had the opportunity to try Bev’s salve. I applied it in the morning and by pm feeding, his skin had calmed and the bugs were repelled. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The skin was protected and allowed hair to grow back in no time. I have continued to use Bev’s salve on all scratches or scrapes. I have only had positive results with Bev’s magic salve, it is easy to apply and is natural so I feel great about using it. The consistency is great, it doesn’t melt or run off of a wound like some other products.

I hope you try Bev’s salve for yourself, you and your horse will love it. It is a product every barn should have on hand!

— Laura & Legend

We tried this wonderful product at our ranch and were absolutely amazed at how effective it is! One of our ranch dogs “Duke” was injured on his front leg. After many trips to the vet and numerous wraps and salves, it just didn’t seem to be healing & It was really painful for him. We put some of Bev’s Magic on it and within 2 days it had already started scabbing over, and within 3 days it had completely stopped bleeding! Everyone was truly delighted with the quick progress of how it healed.
We will be keeping some of this product in the medicine cabinet at all times for all of the animals on the ranch–horses, cows, dogs, cats & anything that could use some help healing will be getting a dose as soon as possible–that’s for sure!
Thanks so much for this great product!

— Kenny & Debby

I’ve used Bev’s salve on mange surviving boxer-dogs; outdoor cats with ear scabs from prickly bushes; and on my own fire ant bites. Plus, my newest boxer sprained a back leg, but I didn’t know what was wrong, so I spread Bev’s salve all over his foot/paw, and joint. He stopped limping the next day! Your salve is as useful to me and my pets, as duct tape is to a handyman; and I’ll never be without it again!

— Merrilynn Bougard

This winter 2011, I used Bev’s Magic Salve daily as my mare’s front leg was badly injured and I was dealing with an extremely serious open wound that needed to heal and close. After testing a few natural wound healing products, nothing was close to, or as successful and easy to apply as Bev’s Equine Magic Salve. It is definitely the BEST horse wound healing product I have ever used. My mare, Lily, has absolutely no scar left and all the hair grew back on every part of her skin. It lives up to its name as it is magic! I will keep it in my tack room forever.

— Corinne Stoltz-Orava
Horse owner since 1989

My dashund (low rider) has visited several vets for his excema
problem. This condition made his skin rough thick and sore. He received several Rx’s that failed to give him relief..till I tried
Bev’s Magic Salve on him. Just ONE treatment and WOW..what a noticeable difference. his skin softened and cooled. He is noticeably comfortable and happy :} Thank you, you found a new loyal friend !

— Bailey & Chloe

I work on a Quarter Horse farm and one of the younger horses hurt himself in a round pen. It was a pretty severe wound on his shin, so, I applied Bev’s Equine Magic Salve directly on the wound. The next morning I was shocked. The wound looked like it had five days worth of healing. There was a scab on the wound and no swelling or inflammation. It really worked!

Everyone should have Bev’s in their barn because it gets the job done and it is easy to apply. It sticks to the wound and stays there.

— Donna Colli

Bev’s Magic Salve is truly wonderful. I have used it both on my horse and on my dogs. Every time I use it I am amazed how quickly the cuts and wounds heal. If you have animals I recommend to have this product on hand.

— Eva Abbate

My horse had this open wound on her withers for over 4 months that would not heal for anything. I put Bev’s Equine Magic Salve on her withers for 2 days and already I am seeing major healing. This wound will be gone very soon. This product really works great! I will use this product for all wounds.
Thank you Bev’s Equine Magic Salve!!!!

— Christine Wasilewski

I just want to say how much I love your product! I was using lasix and my horse was bleeding through it. I started using Bleeders Answer along with lasix and I noticed a difference right away. She felt better during her exercise and when we would make our barrel runs, she didn’t run out of steam. We started winning again!! Thank you so much.

— Kelly Ann West

We have had Blue for 4 years now. Each summer he has had difficulty sweating and puffy short breathing. Since starting Sure to Sweat and using it as directed, Blue is now sweating and breathing better.

— Kim Munson

I highly recommend the skin repair gel. Every summer my 3yr old paint gets rain rot and the itchies on his face and a couple of other places. I’ve tried everything and nothing seemed to totally work. A friend told me about Bev’s Magic Equine Skin Repair Gel and after a week his face is totally clear and hair has already grown back. It’s amazing!

— Amy Patterson

The Magic Skin Care Repair product is amazing…I have put it on cuts with swelling and it was amazing in 24 hours the improvement to the area. The horses seem more comfortable too.

— Tina Pinney Spangler

I can honestly say that Bev’s products WORK!!! I have one horse cured from bleeding and completely off lasics thanks to Bleeders Answer. I have healed lacerations that should have been stitched with the miracle salve and no vet bill. If you are gonna spend money on products buy something that works. These products WORK!!!!

— Tammi Scott Pettis

Well I skeptically tried the Bleeders Answer and French just won 2nd at Bonifay Rodeo and never coughed and had her fire back. Great product! Looking to start another one on it asap!!!

— Ronda Butler

My mare Sassy and I love the Bleeders Formula!!! She had bled really bad with me after I ran her a few months ago at a barrel race and nothing seemed to make her feel better and bring her back to her self. She was also bleeding through 5cc of Lasiks. After a week on the bleeders formula I could already see results! She was coming back around and feeling good again. She has not bled with me since and I only give her 2cc of Lasiks now, but I’m pretty sure I could completely take her off of it. Thank you so much for making my girl feel good again!!

— Sarah Lee

I started using Bleeders Answers right after the first 2013 Tour of Champions race on my gelding, Jacs Skipin N Cody. I ran him on laysix prior because of his bleeding. I currently have him off the shot and only on Bleeders Answers and he has not bled!! He also has more energy and my times on barrels are steadily improving! Ordering my next bottle now

— Misty Collins

I bought three items last week from you at the barrel race. We used Bev’s Equine Magic Salve on a friends horse that went through some barb wire and it now looks so much better. I used Bev’s Equine Skin Repair on my older horse with muck itch. Today I noticed it was all cleared up and the hair is growing. The third item, Bev’s Equine Ulcer Resolve, that my granddaughter, used on her barrel racer for breathing ran on May 5th and said her breathing sounded so much better and this was the first week. Just today she exercised her and her breathing was normal. Usually about that time you can hear her flap giving her an issue.

I love these products and I am even using it on a spot on my leg that no product has worked so far. Thank you for these amazing products.

— Toni Hession

Our walking horses got a cut belowhis eye and it left a gash that got infected. A friend loaned us the magic salve and in two days it was almost completely healed. We were very impressed with the product and will definitely use it in the future

— Leigh

The Allergy, Cough, and Respiratory Relief has done wonders for my 18 y/o Appaloosa mare that really seems to suffer in the hot, dusty summer..she is currently cough free !

I got the salve this time instead of the Skin Repair formula (which worked great) to use on a few patches of rain rot that we struggle with also this time of year, you can use it for that..right? just thought it might stay a little better, so I figured I would try it instead.

— Stephanie Siemer

ATTENTION BARREL RACING WORLD! I’M REALLY EXCITED! I have fallen in love! With Bevs EquineProducts ! Yes it’s true… mom and I both actually! Our love affair started with Bev’s Equine Magic Salve (trust me, it really is magic!) After the second open go of the IBRA Nationals, mom’s filly Hey Panky came out of the ring with her leg cut wide open. Mom sent me over to “that lady with the cream that fixes things’ booth” to buy a tub of the Equine Magic Salve from Bev herself. We followed her instructions, and her salve kept the wound from getting swollen, infected, or healing weird. By Saturday, you could hardly tell it had ever happened! So we returned to the booth, eager to try the rest of her products. Bev rubbed some of her Joint Fix-It on mom’s hand, which was swollen with arthritis. Within minutes, mom couldn’t even tell which hand had been hurting, the pain was 100% gone! I had already ran RJ A Sandhill Streak in the youth short go, and I knew that he was sore after the long week of runs. I took the Joint Fix- It back to the stall and massaged it into his problem areas. Within 15 minutes I went from not being able to hardly touch the area around his SI and hindquarters to being able to apply pressure and rub my hand all over my little roan! He worked like a dream in the open short go, and clocked 7 tenths off of the winning time even after majorly blowing out his first barrel thanks to a jockey error. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! We took home a huge bag full of Bev’s Equine Products, and tried the Skin Repair Gel on our elderly blue heeler, Sparky. He has been itching for months, and we have literally tried everything to help him. We rubbed it on all of his problem spots and after almost a week of daily treatments, we have seen the first lessening of his itching in nearly a year! I will be reordering the skin repair gel asap (I should have gotten the big bottle, lol!) and am eager to try the Ulcer Resolve and the Calm N Ready on a few of our barrel horses!!! Go check out the whole line of products at , trust me you’re gonna thank me!!!!!!

— Casey A

Bleeders Answer Really WORKS, better than anything else we’ve tried for our barrel racing mare. Thinning about trying the Allergy/Cough & Respiratory Relief on our gelding who seems to have an irritant to dust. Thanks Bev for the Products (:

— Bobbi

I absolutely love the magic salve. It is the best product I have found for cuts and scraps. Covers, stays on and keeps flies and dirt out. Great stuff.

— Misty Nichols

We’ve been using Bleeders Answer for over a year now. We had a gelding that bled really bad and would get really lethargic on Lasix. We tried all the other (expensive) products and none seemed to help. After 6 months of being on BA and slowly backing off Lasix, I was brave enough to try without. He has been running with nothing but Bleeders Answer now for over 6 months. We’ve also used it on a mare with COPD and she has had no issues breathing since. It’s a wonderful product! I’ve recommended it to many of my friends and they are now running Lasix free…. Thanks ladies.

—Samantha FitzSimon
Rafter F Quarter Horses

Dear Bev’s Equine Products,
I wanted to write you and tell you what success I have had with your Bleeder’s Answer with Allergy Relief. I have a 21 year old AQHA gelding named Breeze. In 2009 Breeze came down with a serious respiratory infection that damaged his lungs causing IAD and later on EIPH. Breeze was Diagnosed and treated at UF large animal hospital. Later that year Breeze continued to shows signs of respiratory distress along with other symptoms, it was later found by a holistic practitioner that he had been suffering from encephalitis. His quality of life was poor and I thought each day I would have to make the dreadful decision to put him down. Both my western and Eastern practitioners both agreed that he would never return to normal work, or ever run again. During the course of his illness I was working as a CVT (certified Veterinary Technician) and in school pursuing a degree in Animal Science. I contacted everyone I could think of and tried every drug and product on the market. I became very discouraged, and eventually came across an ND. (Naturopathic Physician) who helped me find some alternative therapies that had only been used for humans at this point in the US, but were growing in the UK with animals. These therapies had been used for cancer and auto immune diseases. After only a few short weeks he was healing, and his quality of life was increasing daily. But he still was an extreme bleeder unlike anything anyone had ever seen. Breeze’s turn out consist of a very shaded 2 acre grass pasture with lots of oak tree to keep him cool. He loped from one end to the other one day and there was blood everywhere, coming from his nostrils. It was a nice day out in the high 70’s. I was happy to have him making a great recovery but was still exhausting all measures to find something to help with the bleeding. After seeing your products on Facebook I ordered them, thinking I had literally tried everything, and now having switched majors and pursuing an education and career in Holistic medicine I had tried plenty of herbs and homeopathic with little to no success. After I received my Bev’s product I gave it as directed for 30 days and began legging Breeze up slowly. After 60 days on Bev’s products we made our first run, and he did not bleed! Breeze lives the “Bleeder Lifestyle” low dust, trying to avoid any triggers but without Bev’s I would never had had the chance to ever run my boy again. Thank you!!

— Michelle Stewart ND, CTN, CHP

My horse was prone to Ulcers until I started using Ulcer Resolve. This product is truly amazing and very cost effective. Prior to using Ulcer Resolve I was using Omeperzole/Ulcer Guard which was very costly and potentially damaging to his liver. He would need a thirty day treatment then maintenance doses. I am on the road a lot and at the barrel races/super shows he wouldn’t eat and was acting grumpy. Now that he is on Ulcer Resolve he never misses a meal, his coat is shiny and he is a happy horse. He seems to like the taste too! He also runs on Calm n’ ready which gives him the focus he needs to stay on his A Game. Thank you Beverly for such awesome and safe products.

—Lisa Murray

I picked up a small sample of Bev’s salve at Horse World Expo two years ago and I’ve used it on some injuries with great results. Fortunately my mare’s don’t get into much so that small sample works so well that I’ve had it for two years.

Recently one of my mare’s had such a severe case of cracked heels that went soft from the wet weather that she has been three legged lame for almost two weeks. I wrapped her with ichthamol, aloe, dry, etc. Nothing was helping. I took what was left of Bev’s Salve sample and packed every open crack in her heel and frog then wrapped the foot with a disposable diaper. After two days she’s almost sound and her foot looks a thousand times better.

Love this stuff

— Jim Fiorini

Impressed, actually. Subtle and Effective.

I am an researcher on just about anything I purchase from the food I eat to electronics I use. I have used products like icy hot and bio freeze for my neck injury for years. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Beverly and her Mother and she explained her equestrian based products to me. Needless to say, it sparked my interest after she told me how well these natural products work on her and other people who have tried them.

I received my bottle of Joint Fix-it and immediately applied it to my neck. Bev told me what to expect and was very clear on what to expect. In my opinion the product is great! even more so than she had informed. The gel is similar to the consistency of Aloe without the slimy texture. The application is cool but doesn’t sting like the icy hot. and the major benefit I noticed was the gradual relief from inflammation in the area! I barely notice the gel on my skin and the application only called for half a dime size portion to cover my entire back of the neck.

End result a wonderful product with a great result without all the chemicals, creams, and odors of brands sold in stores. The price is more than fair and worth it!

Thank you Beverly!

— John Kail