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  •  I continue to be impressed with your products and their effectiveness!

  • I use Bev’s Calm N Ready for my mare when we run at barrel races, and I love it! Seen such a big improvement in her. She runs quick but doesn’t act like a crazy horse!

  • We are so pleased with the results! There’s hasn’t been any adverse effects. We believe there has been a total healing. The hair is even growing where the older sarcoid was. Thank You so much!!

    Maxine and Murray
  • I’ve been using your Bleeders Answer w Allergy Relief for a week now. Since I’ve been using it on the 3 horses. They have not had a dry cough and feel very good on it. Thanks again for another great product!

    Jennifer Lee Sims

All products are based from the Marigold flower.

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“This Stuff Is MAGIC!”

Bev’s Equine Magic Salve

– Shields the wound immediately.
– Accelerates scab formation.
– Reduces pain and inflammation.
– Eliminates or minimizes scarring.
– Accelerates healing time.
– Stops bleeding fast!


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